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In selecting an Engineering company to perform Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PHSRs), there are numerous factors to evalute. In using Absolute Engineering Solutions, we believe you will receive an optimum service with highest consideration to the following:

Cost Effectiveness, Before and After the Review.
Size of the Engineering Firm Bigger is not always better!
Experience is a Requirement, not a Preference.
Importance of Thoroughness and Structure of the Review.
Adherence to the Appropriate Standards and Commitment to Ethics.
Countermeasures and the Impact to Production.
Risk Assessments.

  Cost Effectiveness, Before and After the Review
  • is the engineering firm willing to negotiate and outbid their competitors?
  • costs for countermeasures often exceed the cost of the review will the reviewer support you in finding the most effective solution, or do they walk away after the PHSR is handed over?
  • will the service provider offer a free follow-up on non-compliances that have been counter measured as well a signed and sealed letter of final acceptance? Most firms charge a premium for this.
  Size of the Engineering Firm Bigger is not always better!
  • size should not be a factor in selecting the right firm for the job
  • large firms often have to price higher to compensate for administrative staff and extensive operating costs is this necessary for a detailed and thorough review? Most definitely not!
  • when you hire a large company to provide a PHSR, does this mean that many people will be working on your project? Any properly structured review will always have only one primary reviewer.
  • AES is a small engineering firm, which means we can provide you with low cost reviews in a very short time frame. Our reviews will always have one primary and one secondary reviewer (both P.Eng. in Ontario). We have access to support staff that we contract as necessary to help with larger jobs.
  Experience is a Requirement, not a Preference
  • what is the level of competency of the engineering firm? An essential ingredient to a good review is making sure the engineering firm uses experienced and knowledgeable Professional Engineers. AES only uses engineers that have experience with equipment design and fabrication used in production environments. This is an asset in assisting customers with low-cost, effective countermeasures. Many engineering firms use engineers that are knowledgeable of standards, but have little or no experience with automation equipment or the demands of a production facility.
  • what engineering disciplines are best suited for a PHSR? At AES, every review we complete will be conducted by both an electrical and a mechanical engineer. We believe that these two disciplines are best suited for reviewing any apparatus or automation equipment system. This should be a factor to consider in selecting a firm would you want your automated equipment reviewed by a chemical or geological engineer that has never seen automated machinery?

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